AI Policy

Content Generation and Generative AI


Privacy: Information provided to Gen AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Copilot, and others is not subject to confidentiality or trademark protection and may be shared with other users if they ask a question about the content submitted.

Reliability: Gen AI responses to prompts may look plausible but may be wrong. An effect called hallucination. The usage of unreliable information for content creation is not compatible with Bora’s ethics and values.


Bora staff and external writers are allowed to engage with these platforms. Using AI platforms for explorative and knowledge-building purposes allows us to stay current with industry advancements. Guidelines for using AI platforms are:


  • Request or search to understand the latest developments or emerging technology concepts.
  • Research for concepts, creative exploration and/or new ideas.
  • Research for general knowledge, skills, and subject matters.
  • Ideation and brainstorming to create outlines, blog ideas, social media copy, etc.
  • Use of publicly available client information.
  • Use of the Bora corporate Grammarly account for checking spelling, grammar, and plagiarism.
  • Use of AI image creation tools for internal use, such as social media posts.


  • Use of Bora confidential data provided through presentations or meetings.
  • Use of any confidential client data provided through presentations or meetings.
  • Use of any client data provided to us that is intended or marked ‘for internal use only’.
  • Use of Bora business email to create accounts on these platforms.
  • Creating blogs and other assets directly from these tools.

Please note that we are in the process of developing a Bora Responsible Use of AI Policy. Until that time, this serves as our interim policy, and all employees and contractors must adhere to these guidelines.

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