AI & Cybersecurity Writing: What Tools Do You Use?

News trends rise and fall, shifting faster than weather patterns. Depending on where you live, it seems a new flavor of the week (or day, in the modern era) bombards you from all angles.

Two enduring topics, though, fill global headlines these days: cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. No matter which direction you turn, you’re bound to bump into the news of another cyber incident and another AI tool.

Of course, this is all excellent news for cybersecurity marketers. Seemingly endless content, for better or worse, for cyber topics, and a new suite of tools to make life easier. But when it comes to AI and cybersecurity writing tools: which ones should you chose?

The Age of AI

The age of AI is here, and it’s not without its controversies. For all the posts touting hacks to make life easier, there are equal warnings from would-be soothsayers about the threat of artificial general intelligence (AGI). The doom and gloom about reaching singularity – that moment when AI becomes self-aware and can make decisions for itself – goes hand in hand with the excitement about how the tech can take daily tasks off our hands.

Gratefully, those concerned about the long-term future of AI haven’t deterred innovators from creating a variety of tools and making them accessible to those who may benefit – many even free of charge.

Artificial Assistance

At this stage, the AI crowd-pleasers are tools for fun (like AI-generated art) or making life easier and more productive (like chatbots and virtual assistants). It’s the era of working smarter, not harder, and these new tools are helping people reclaim minutes and hours of their work week.

Check Out These AI and Cybersecurity Writing Tools

ChatGPT may be the popular kid on the block, but it’s not the only AI colleague you can employ to help you with cybersecurity writing. Check out some of these popular AI and cybersecurity writing tools to help with your marketing efforts:

Launched in early 2021, Jasper arrived before the wave came. Jasper boasts more than 100,000 subscribed users to use its robust capabilities as an AI marketing tool. Using generative AI, Jasper touts its ability to enable you and your team to create marketing content 10x faster.

Within minutes you can create social media content tailored to each platform, whether you focus on LinkedIn and Twitter to reach your audience or want to go viral on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. There’s even a Chrome extension, making creating from within your chosen platform easier.

Social is only the beginning, of course. Jasper can also help create emails, captions, and long-form content like articles and whitepapers. Collaborate with teammates, write in 26 languages, and get a boost in brainstorming sessions. You’ll have to use another tool for fact-checking, and the price tag is a bit steep, but Jasper is a fantastic ally for your cybersecurity marketing efforts.

Monthly cost: $40 (20,000 words) or $82 (50,000 words)


Flick is a social media assistant, popular among freelancers, small teams, agencies, and robust marketing departments. Flick offers content writing, hashtag tools, brainstorming, and a post scheduler to save you from toggling around to serve your content.

Flick has robust analytics and reporting so you can gain insights and make smarter business decisions. Its Repurposing feature takes long-form content and distills it into bite-sized, social-friendly snippets. The Social Media Assistant is in beta but aims to join you as your new, seasoned copywriter with boundless creativity.

Monthly cost: 7-day free trial, $11 solo (1 user), $24 pro (2 users), $55 agency (5 users)


When it comes to savvy SEO content, GrowthBar AI has you covered. A single click sends GrowthBar off to scan results in Google SERP and generate optimized content. And it’s not just body text – GrowthBar will create headings, keywords, word counts, backlinks, and more. Want to upgrade your existing content? This tool will also scan and audit your existing web content.

GrowthBar isn’t just ad-hoc, on-demand content. You can also create a content roadmap with robust keyword reports, including difficulty scores. With an algorithm-friendly strategy, user-friendly dashboards make it easy to develop short- and long-form content, press releases, product descriptions, web pages, and more.

Monthly cost: $29 for Standard (2 users), $79 for Pro (5 users), $129 for Agency (10 users)


Use Grammarly once, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. While this tool isn’t a standalone writing tool, it does transform your writing in powerful ways.

Grammarly is like having an in-house copy editor available at your beck and call. More than a spell check, Grammarly leverages the power of AI to review your content and make insightful suggestions to level up your text. Use the dashboard to customize your needs and select between options for tone and purpose to fine-tune markups.

Get real-time suggestions for spelling, grammar, and tone. Grammarly even notices when your sentences are lengthy or hard to follow and suggests changes to sentence structure to improve readability. The company touts security and privacy principles to keep your sensitive content safe.

Monthly cost: Free (individuals), $12 Premium, $15 Business (per user)


Being a cybersecurity marketer isn’t only content creation. A key relationship value-add is also going above and beyond to gain insights, make intelligent recommendations, and manage brand reputation. Brand24 is here to help you do exactly that.

Brand24 is a self-proclaimed social listening tool. This powerful platform never rests, providing real-time monitoring of social channels and tracking positive and negative reviews. It also uses AI to analyze conversations about the brand, products, and competitors across the web.

While keeping your (or your client’s) brand reputation front of mind, Brand24 will also assess your marketing campaigns and provide early alerts of any issues.

Monthly cost: $69 Individual (3 keywords), $129 Team (7 keywords), $179 Pro (12 keywords), $349 Enterprise (25 keywords)

Seventh Sense

Email marketing isn’t easy. Sure, you may have templates and topics to run from, but it’s undeniably challenging to stand out in a crowded inbox. Trial and error can help, but it costs valuable time and effort. Seventh Sense to the rescue!

“Stop annoying the masses to convert the few.” the tool states on its website – and they’re right. Why send one email blast after another hoping to hook one or two future customers? Instead, use your AI-powered Seventh Sense and optimize the delivery of your cybersecurity marketing emails.

This personalized service optimizes send times for your emailing list. In fact, Seventh Sense is the only email delivery optimization platform designed for Marketo and HubSpot. Send time optimization, email frequency optimization, and email throttling, all with clear insights to help you make better business decisions and report on outcomes.

Monthly cost: $64/mo (HubSpot), $360 (Marketo)

WellSaid Labs

You may consider AI for speech-to-text, but what about the other way around? What if you need to generate a quick video to support your marketing campaign but can’t spend time finding and coordinating voice actors for a simple bit part? Consider WellSaid Labs.

This AI-powered tool is the top option for text-to-speech, using machine learning to generate voice content from your written text. Build your brand voices and avatars and create clear voiceovers enabling greater accessibility—natural-sounding voices at the push of a button.

Monthly cost: 7-day free trial, $44 Maker (indie), $89 Creative, $179 Team, Customized for Enterprise

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AI & Cybersecurity Writing: What Tools Do You Use?
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