3 Best Practices for Strategic Cybersecurity Content Marketing

If you are in the information security space, you need a strategic cybersecurity content marketing plan, no matter how big or small your company is. To elevate yourself into a thought leadership position or to increase awareness and sales, you have to create content to explain complicated topics in a compelling and engaging way. Content that people will want to read. So, Welcome to Bora! Our working days are spent creating on-trend, topical cybersecurity content for marketing. As we’ve become quite good at it, we thought we’d share some of our acquired know-how with you.

Suppose your task is to affect a decision maker’s action or inform people about a new development within the information security space. In that case, the following practices will help ensure that your content reaches the right people. Here’s how to help your content drive your website traffic, increase your domain authority, and ultimately increase market visibility.

#1 Know your audience

Know who you are writing for and craft your cybersecurity marketing content around that. Industry peers and decision-making professionals want to read informative and actionable content that inspires them. Often cybersecurity topics including types of cyberattacks, compliance and industry standards, data breaches, data privacy, data security, and cloud computing can seem quite dry, so frame your new and complex information in a clear, exciting way. 

If you are writing for decision-makers, inspire them to take action! Do some in-depth research and present the latest news on the topic, helping your copy stand out from the rest. But remember, your now topical and informative content needs to be wholly original and unique.

Another trick to help your audience digest the topic is not to overcomplicate the writing flow. Instead, use clear language and short paragraphs. Your audience may understand cybersecurity terminology, but you need to phrase your thoughts comprehensively, so they are not just a stream of consciousness.

And lastly, do I need to mention using a grammar checker to help produce spotlessly clean copy?

#2 Do your Keyword Research

Whether the focus of your cybersecurity marketing content is to attract leads or to establish thought leadership, you need to research the keywords under your chosen topic. Then you will have to use them within your high-quality cybersecurity marketing content. I say high-quality, as Google’s algorithm is adjusted regularly to rank better quality content more highly.

Using keywords helps drive traffic to your website and ultimately improves its search engine ranking. You will need to assess the primary keyword’s popularity and choose some related long-tailed keywords. Some of the most popular keywords will have far too much competition to target at first, so you will want to pick some keywords that have a lower search volume.

#3 SEO Formatting

SEO optimization is essential in ensuring that your cybersecurity marketing content gets found among the multitude. With consequent ranking, your lead generation is essentially automated! 

So yes, while this is a repeat from above, use your keywords! However, here is a secret to this – don’t just stuff your content full using your list of newly found keywords, but surround those keywords with related words and terms – words that fit well with the keyword and the topic. This tactic is known as latent semantic indexing and is a sure way to beat the search engine algorithms.

Another factor in a search engine crawl is not to over-use simplified language. Again, know your audience! You should not have to over-simplify the terms you are using. Instead, feel at ease to describe your topic using lots of unique and complex words related to a cybersecurity-based dialogue.

How can we help?

If this is not your expertise, but you still need the content, you have no worries. At Bora, we have a team of engaging content writers and editors who produce cybersecurity content containing in-depth research and expert SEO knowledge to ensure your business delivers the value you need.

In addition, the whole Bora team is drip-fed cyber news all day long, so we are on the pulse of all the latest cybersecurity happenings. This news tap ensures our articles are topical and always include source material from the latest expert white papers, books, and scientific journals.

Our specialized cybersecurity content marketing services include blog content, white papers, pillar pages, and ebooks. Contact us here if you would like us to help.

Final thoughts

So now you’ve got your content, but how do you promote it? Stay tuned for tips and tricks around successful cybersecurity content marketing promotion. But for now, take a peek at Leveraging Social Media Marketing in the Cybersecurity Industry and Editing for Cybersecurity is a Gentle Art.

3 Best Practices for Strategic Cybersecurity Content Marketing
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