Cybersecurity Marketers – Why and how to complete review platform landing pages

Review platform landing pages for your product are like an extension of your website, allowing prospective buyers to review and compare product or service information alongside all-important peer feedback, that we know is essential in our buying decisions. More and more, in all aspects of life, we rely on honest peer feedback to inform and connect us with the right-fit product. 

So, even if you are not actively sourcing customer reviews as part of a dedicated customer advocacy program, filling out these profiles is imperative to get your company’s info in front of buyers for consideration. And to put this into perspective, the business software and services review site G2 boasts 70M visitors annually! You are missing out, all the popular platforms offer free landing pages for your company and products, so there really is no excuse not to have a presence there.

Claim Your Profile

Where to start? First, you need to assess any current company profiles on these platforms, as there may already be landing pages available, with or without reviews. Audit your top five platforms, then reach out through the review platform support portals or chatbots to claim or create your profiles.

Once the profile has been successfully claimed, you will be given access to a company dashboard through the vendor portal on the site. Here, you can provide unique information about your company and product, manage, and view analytics about your profile pages.

Image: example of a completed landing page – G2 at G2

Review Platform Product Detail

Now that you have access, take advantage of this free ‘real estate’. Gather information from your product and brand experts to fill out your landing page with the most up-to-date information. Armed with these assets, enter your profile dashboard and upload. You will need the following:

Product Name – This may sound like a no-brainer, but first, make sure that your product is named correctly. In the tech world, with so many accumulations and transitions, product names change as companies change hands. The product logo is usually uploaded in this section.

Product Description – This text should summarize your product and the problem it solves. The copy uploaded here should be unique to each platform so as not to affect SEO and should be factual. Avoid marketing language like best, award-winning, etc., and keep your descriptions concise.

It is this section, on most platforms, where you can add an all-important link to your website and, on some platforms, to a community or discussions page. As seen in the image above, to some upgraded review platform profiles – you can add banners, banner videos, and call-to-action buttons on the profile landing page.

💡💡  A top SEO tip from the Gartner Peer Insights team is to mention your company name in the description💡💡

Product Features – This section is where your product and brand expert advice will be beneficial. On most platforms, the product features page does not require copy. Rather, there are bubble charts in your vendor dashboard, so you simply choose the appropriate answers for your product. You might be asked about functionality, implementation, and specific product features the more you can fill out accurately here, the better, as these details help to inform comparisons with competitor products.

Image: example of the features tab on G2’s product landing pages

Pricing Details – This section is optional, and the format varies from platform to platform. If pricing is your strong point, do not omit this. But be precise or leave it out.

Screenshots – People want to see what your product looks like, so upload high-quality images that are correctly titled. Some platforms allow you to overview the screenshots, so produce concise copy that effectively summarizes what your potential customer is seeing.

Upgraded profiles – They allow you to add more details, including downloadable assets like white papers, reports, and videos. Upgrading your landing pages comes at a cost, but many additional benefits come with a subscription, varying from platform to platform.

Video: Optimizing Your Profile on G2

Allow us to handle your review platform profile

Suppose you see customer advocacy as important but don’t have the time or the knowledge to deal with this task. In that case, Bora specializes in all aspects of cybersecurity, and our customer advocacy program is flexible. We offer support at all stages of review platform management and can jump in at any point.

Whether your goal is to create or update product or service profiles, leverage review content for assets, drive reviews to unlock readership analytics, and for possible entry into Gartner Magic Quadrant and other market guides, we can help.

Click here for a deeper dive into the value of review platforms, and here for reasons why you should invest.

Cybersecurity Marketers – Why and how to complete review platform landing pages
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