Developing a Campaign for Cybersecurity

At Bora, we work on a wide variety of content for our cybersecurity clients. My favourite projects are the ones where we are given a challenge to solve. There is nothing more exciting than getting under the skin of a client’s challenge and bringing your creative nous to try and solve the problem they are facing.

A recent example prompted me to write this blog.

One of our clients, Tripwire, were wanting to strengthen their conversation with the EMEA market, in particular the UK. Together we took a look at the challenge their clients (and potential clients) were facing so that we could build content to address it.


I’ve laid out the steps below that I went through and will share some insights along the way.

1.) Choose a subject area

What is important to the organization? What is sustainably trending? What solutions can the organization offer? Can you identify an underserved perspective on the topic? What do you have to say that adds value to the conversation already out there?

2.) Build out the core idea

What do people think about this topic now? What do you want them to think when they have engaged with the campaign?

3.) Identify the core messaging

This helps you achieve that change, and follow the line of logic.

4.) Define which assets can be developed

According to your timeline and budget, define those that best achieve the core idea. Which assets help you to land the message?

5.) Decide how you will measure success

Will it be engagement on social, numbers reading the blogs, downloading the assets, or attending the webinar?

6.) Align each core message to asset type

Not every campaign asset should do everything, but together you should cover all your core messages.

7.) Work on a creative concept to give life to the core idea

8.) Sequence asset creation

You sequence assets so that learning from one can help with the others. For example, if you are creating a crowdsourcing piece that can take time, do it upfront as it can also inform other assets. Save social media creation until last.

9.) Get creative to make the assets look appealing

Often clients will have their own stylebook for their assets but you can often put ideas forward.

10.) Get the assets to point to each other

That encourages further reading or requesting assistance from the organization. This is an example for another client. Here (ISC)2 used the webinar asset to link all the relevant content from the campaign – giving lots of opportunities for the audience to find out more in ways that appealed to them:

Link: and

11.) Promote the hell out of it

Don’t just let it sit on a website and look pretty, get it in front of your audience. Ask those who helped you create it to share it too. Everyone has skin in the game to make it successful.

12.) Review, and measure against your objectives

Build on the learnings for your next campaign.

If you are interested to see how the Tripwire project turned out here are some of the assets from this recent campaign:

Mind the Cybersecurity Gap – Why Compliance Isn’t Enough

Balancing Compliance with Security

Building a Strong Business Case for Security and Compliance

Compliance does not equal security: 7 cybersecurity experts share their insights

Moving from Compliance to Cybersecurity Excellence (video)

Social Quotes

Social Quotes (animated)

Final Thoughts

Of course, this all takes time and a lot of effort. Working with others can really help your creativity. I love talking the challenges through with our team as well as engaging with the client subject matter experts. Our in-house team are cybersecurity marketing specialists. It’s what we do all day every day and we love the challenges… bring ‘em on!

Developing a Campaign for Cybersecurity
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