7 Vendor-Neutral Cybersecurity News Websites to Get Your Fix

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As an information security writer and security junkie at Bora, I rely on various news sites to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry so that I can speak to our client’s needs. I tend to turn to some more than others in that line of work, admittedly. Below, I’ll provide a brief overview of seven vendor-neutral cybersecurity news websites where you can get your security fix. I’ll also include a couple of links to Bora articles for which I used the featured news websites as sources. (Note: The following security news websites are alphabetized, not ranked.)

1.    Bleeping Computer

Created by Lawrence Abrams in 2004, Bleeping Computer is an independent information security and technology news publication that covers security threats, technology news, and ways for ordinary users to stay protected online. This is particularly the case for ransomware-related news, a focus which is evident in Bleeping Computer has become the first news and support site to join the No More Ransom Project as a partner. It also offers downloads and self-education tools that can help users troubleshoot issues involving their computers.

Bora Client Articles Linking to Bleeping Computer

2.    CSO

CSO specifically serves the interests of enterprise security decision-makers. It provides those individuals with news about emerging threats as well as broader trends that might be shaping the digital threat landscape. It also offers insight into risk management, cloud security, network defense, and other key disciplines that factor into the day-to-day duties of those enterprise security decision-makers. Along that same vein, CSO provides its audience with events, a resource library, as well as a tech community where members can share stories, exchange best practices, and network with their peers.

Bora Client Articles Linking to CSO

3.    Dark Reading

Like CSO, Dark Reading works to educate enterprise security staffers and decision-makers about new threats, vulnerabilities, and digital security technologies. It does this using 12 different community sections: Analytics, Attacks & Breaches, Application Security, Careers and People, Cloud Security, Endpoint, IoT, Mobile, Operations, Perimeter, Physical Security, Risk, Threat Intelligence, and Vulnerabilities and Threats. Editors and subject matter experts lead each section, providing readers with professional knowledge and varied points of view which they can use to make security-related decisions in their organization.

Bora Client Articles Linking to Dark Reading

4.    Help Net Security

Founded in 1998, Help Net Security is an independent website focused on information security. It does serve the interests of those who are looking for breaking security news. Even so, it’s particularly useful to those who are looking to explore challenges and other trends that are shaping the security community. This is evident in the number of studies, polls, and surveys that Help Net Security shares with its audience. Enterprise security decision-makers can use those resources to drive their own programs going forward.

Bora Client Articles Linking to Help Net Security

5.    Infosecurity Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine is one of the news websites that has been reporting on and providing insight into the information security community for over 12 years. Some of that content includes in-depth news analysis and opinion columns from industry experts. But it also includes free educational content such as a webinar channel, virtual conferences, and whitepaper syndication programs. Infosecurity Magazine is a part of Infosecurity Group, a business unit of Reed Exhibitions UK Ltd which is responsible for Infosecurity Europe and the Global Executive Network.

Bora Client Articles Linking to Infosecurity Magazine

6.    Threatpost

An independent source of information security news and analysis, Threatpost frequently covers breaking news in the industry including data breaches, malware attacks, and vulnerabilities. The website is not limited to providing short-form written content, however. Threatpost also offers videos, podcasts, webinars, roundtable discussions, feature reports, and eBooks. In this capacity, the website reaches a regular audience of over one million website visitors including thousands of IT and security professionals each month.

Bora Client Articles Linking to Threatpost

7.    ZDNet

Finally, ZDNet delivers 24/7 news coverage of trends, technologies, and opportunities relevant to IT professionals and decision-makers at the local and international level. Security is just one of the trends on which the website regularly releases content. Some of the other featured topics are Windows 11, AI, 5G, and Cloud. To serve these different interests, ZDNet maintains several themed blogs and delivers newsletters with relevant content.

Bora Client Articles Linking to ZDNet

Have another vendor-neutral website that you use for security news? If so, let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn.

7 Vendor-Neutral Cybersecurity News Websites to Get Your Fix
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