9 Ways to Repurpose Your Cybersecurity Marketing Content

Content repurposing (aka content recycling) is taking existing content and presenting it in a new format to reach a wider audience and get the most value out of each piece.

In addition to the huge benefit of saving you time in the content creation process, some of the benefits of repurposing content are:

  • Boost SEO: Having multiple content pieces on a single topic or keyword improves your position in search engines. Plus, you can control the anchor text by linking the repurposed pieces back to your site.  
  • Reach a new audience: Repurposing content for different channels allows you to meet an audience where they are. Similarly, not all people like to consume content in the same way. Repacking content into different formats for different mediums will help you reach a wider audience.
  • Gain authority: Publishing content in a variety of places on a single topic can help establish your online presence and help you to be seen as an expert in the industry.

9 Ways to Repurpose Content

1. Repurpose long-form content into a blog post

Highlight the main findings of a report or the key points from a whitepaper and repurpose them into a blog post. If you have an eBook, you can create a blog series around the main takeaways and release them weekly over the course of a month.

2. Turn blog posts into an eBook

Take a specific topic that you have blogged a lot about and create an eBook. If your blog posts are old, you will want to update them first. Now those recycled blog posts are still relevant, and you’ve got a new asset out of them! This is also a great way to create gated pieces so now you aren’t only repurposing content but also growing your email marketing list.

3. Create social media posts from blogs

Rather than summarizing your entire article into one social post, you can create several posts by taking the sub-heading sections and crafting them into their own content pieces. For example, just this section of the blog could be repurposed into multiple social posts showing ways to repurpose content and you could expand it even more and share some of the benefits. Make sure to package your content appropriately for the social media audience you are targeting.

4. Design infographics from written content

Infographics are informative, easy to read and make for a great social media post. You can take key findings from reports, or takeaways from whitepapers and blogs and turn them into an infographic.

5. Create a video series from a webinar

If you host a webinar, take the recording and turn it into a video or video series so the content continues to live on (whether on your site or YouTube) and drives value to new visitors.

6. Turn blog posts into a newsletter

Showcase your best content in a weekly or monthly newsletter. By promoting your content in a newsletter, if someone missed a post, it would give you an extra opportunity to drive those users to your site for the pieces you most want to highlight.

7.  Create video content from written content

You can repackage a blog post and create a video discussing the topic you covered, or you could share the main findings of a report or the key takeaways from a whitepaper. Like tip #1 above, if you have an eBook, you can create a video series on the key points.

8. Repurpose blog posts into podcasts or vice versa

A great way to repurpose blog content is to create a podcast or even just embed the audio file on your blog post. Then you can hit a wider audience by tapping those who prefer to listen to content, rather than read.

9. Convert a webinar into a presentation or SlideShare

You can repackage webinars by creating a presentation and then you can post it on your site or share it on SlideShare to reach a new audience.

How to Get Started

The best place to start when adding content repurposing to your marketing strategy is to determine which content to repurpose.

  1. Start with going through your existing content to identify the best-performing pieces that are still relevant.
  2. All new long-form content that is created should be repurposed.
  3. Keep a list of all of your evergreen content so that you can keep it updated, and relevant and continue recycling.
9 Ways to Repurpose Your Cybersecurity Marketing Content
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