Customer Advocacy Solutions

Online reviews help businesses to build their reputation. That’s where a customer advocacy program like ours fits in. Collecting and listening to feedback from customers is a valuable asset that can:

  • Provide all-critical visibility for products
  • Be leveraged into content, product improvements, and developments.
  • Influence customer decisions by providing advice to tech buyers about their purchases.


A well-known company that provides cloud security, data protection, access management, and software monetization asked us to source customer reviews for their product on a specific review platform with a long-term view of an entry into industry market guides and documents.
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Tech buyers want to compare current products on the market, and a review platform is an excellent way to showcase your product. A review platform also serves as a spotlight for product evaluations and service ratings. They come from organizations with revenue exceeding $500M/year, and rack up 87K+ review reading hours each year.

The client in our case study had the main objective of creating product visibility using Gartner’s Peer Insights review platform, eventually gaining entry into Gartner’s research documents, including the Magic Quadrant, and Gartner Market Guides, like the well-known “Voice of the Customer.”

Their goals were to:

  • Implement a pilot campaign to source 25 reviews, monitoring the response; then
  • Manage an ongoing review sourcing campaign over 12 consecutive months (as per Gartner’s recommendations).


Bora’s customer advocacy solution included:

  • Guiding the set-up of the Gartner Peer Insights account and liaising with their Program Manager.
  • Recommending a review-sourcing and social media campaign plan to help the client reach a more valuable audience.
  • Creating and running a long-term tailored review sourcing campaign to enable and encourage the client’s customers to recommend their product.
  • Building a current and visible marketplace for the enterprise product.

Did you know reviews contribute to up to 15% of a website’s ranking factor?


After the pilot (25+ published reviews), the client was eligible to join the Customer First Program, which shows their commitment to listening to customers and valuing their feedback. Rewards on entry into the program included an award badge of customer trust – available to be leveraged as content, and access to readership analytics, enabling the client to understand both market positioning and the competitive environment.

Completed profile benefits include:

  • Ranking higher on search services.
  • A better click-through rate as your star rating is displayed by Google on the search results.


As a result of a consistent customer advocacy program over one year, the client’s long-term objectives were attained with product inclusion in Gartner’s research documents.

These documents included:

  • The Gartner Magic Quadrant.
  • “Voice of the Customer” Market Guide.
  • Lessons Learned.
  • Technology Provider Consideration and Selection.

Now that the client’s initial objective has been achieved, Bora is review-sourcing for three more of the client’s products in view of producing similar, or even better results.

Don't miss out!
Tech Buyers rack up 87K+ review reading hours each year.

Bora can help with Gartner Peer Insights or any other customer review platform. When ready, we can help you choose and manage the best one to highlight your products and/or services, or if you want to know more, contact us here.

Customer Advocacy Solutions
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