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Bora was tasked with elevating Venafi’s social media presence by meeting the following goals:

  • Exceed closest competitors’ LinkedIn followers by the end of 2021 – Venafi was 4200 LinkedIn followers behind their largest competitor
  • Grow Venafi’s total social media audience to 30k followers
  • Increase social media engagement by 3%


Venafi, an award-winning machine identity management provider in the cybersecurity industry wanted to enhance its social media marketing to drive more traffic to its website by growing followers and increasing engagement on LinkedIn.

Social media marketing has evolved over the years, with social media algorithms no longer giving huge amounts of reach to each post. Creating posts and hoping it does well, no longer works on every social media channel – Increasing the number of posts while ensuring quality is high is important to ensure social media channels grow.


Venafi was facing the prospect of its largest competitor AppViewX, outperforming them on LinkedIn. Venafi wanted to enhance its brand position, and be seen as the market leader in a growing machine identity management market.

AppViewX’s LinkedIn followers were growing at a faster pace than Venafi, with a total of 14,500 LinkedIn followers, compared to Venafi’s 10,300 followers. Being 30% behind, Bora calculated that an average of at least 1000 followers per month would need to be gained, in order to meet Venafi’s objective.

The challenge was to grow Venafi’s LinkedIn audience consistently; when standard posts were being throttled by the platform. To meet goals, an innovative approach was needed to appeal to the LinkedIn algorithm and gain high levels of engagement.

Bora’s account manager from LinkedIn advised creating engaging rich posts on the platform to increase engagement.


Bora offered a holistic social media marketing solution where it would manage all of Venafi’s social channels. Bora would create and schedule posts on all of Venafi’s social platforms and use key metrics to measure the success of social media posts. These metrics are fundamental in understanding which posts resonate with the audience. Alongside managing Venafi’s social channels, a content calendar was also proposed to ensure posts are diverse, timely, and engaging.

The overall strategy Bora proposed was to 4x the number of LinkedIn posts using the same amount of core content. Repurposing new blogs into educational short-form videos, adding articles on LinkedIn Pulse, and creating rich posts and uploading them as carousel posts on LinkedIn. The solution offered focused on what content would appeal to the LinkedIn algorithm to gain maximum engagement.

As part of the tailored solution, Bora would also tag relevant experts within the cybersecurity industry to increase engagement, as well as post content that historically performed well.


This strategy alongside leveraging a content calendar, to schedule timely social media posts, ensures posts are diverse and posted at times when the audience is active on social media. The solutions outlined are designed individually for the client and will be beneficial in meeting organizational goals.

Social media posts that are created with the audience in mind, is the difference between a post with little engagement, to one that has large amounts of engagement. Giving the audience what they want, as well as writing copy that resonates, plays a pivotal role in increasing engagement and social media followers.


Bora not only met but exceeded Venafi’s expectations, with all three goals being met three months before expected.

Social Media Audience: The total social media audience grew +65% to 33,093.

Engagement: An Increase of 306% in social media engagement

Other key achievements included:

  • Venafi ended the year with 2,882 followers ahead of its largest competitor AppViewX.
  • Increased traffic to from social media by 10%
  • Produced 87 pieces of new content, including a carousel post that received a record-breaking 1,413 clicks for an organic piece of content
  • Increased awareness of machine identity management

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Social Media Marketing
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