Creating Meaningful Interaction: Dynamic Consulting

The digital-first world is one of seemingly endless possibilities, highlighted in recent months by the dramatic rise in AI tools. We are living in exciting and rapidly-changing times, and it truly feels for many of us that the world is our proverbial oyster.

That said, it’s not all shimmering pearls in that oyster – particularly regarding digital risk and security.

Cybersecurity risks are evolving faster than you can say, “Don’t click that link,” and seriously threaten organizations, individuals, and critical infrastructure. Risk mitigation is a multi-layered approach, from security software and best practices to end-user education and responsibility.

Try as they might, every organization can benefit from best practices and helpful tools to systematically approach risk mitigation.

When building a Campaign Kit, we consider which elements will best help clients achieve their objectives. Creating meaningful interaction with prospects is a great way of gaining quality leads and offering an immediate benefit in return. At Bora, one of our favorite methods is Dynamic Consulting. Dynamic Consulting offer automated self-assessments with tailored reporting, the service is enabled by technology from Pointerpro.

What is Dynamic Consulting?

Dynamic Consulting is a platform that helps organizations create tailored assessments to generate high-quality data and personalized advice at scale. Dynamic Consulting can help build meaningful engagement, support educational efforts on a particular topic, demonstrate expertise within a department or organization, generate leads, and showcase product solutions.

Put simply, Dynamic Consulting takes care of the legwork, making building a relationship with your target market easy and engaging.

Creating an Engaging Experience

Working with our clients, we start by agreeing on a topic for the assessment. We then scope out a set of questions (we favor 10-30, depending on the objective) and collaborate to build out answer options, writing copy, scoring, and answer data workflow. Once agreed, the Bora team builds the assessment in the tool.

Stefan Debois, CEO at Pointerpro, endorses this approach, “We cannot emphasize enough the importance of envisioning the questions and scoring logic before starting to develop an assessment. That effort will make the eventual personalized reports so impressive for respondents. We love that Bora takes the time to think this through together with their clients.”

Once this is defined, we build them into an engaging questionnaire using the Pointerpro technology. A range of question formats, such as open-ended, ranking, sliders, and videos or images, can also be used to create further interest. Answers can be scored to enable an evaluation and to form a core part of the personalized report.

As the questionnaires are submitted, the collected data can be captured. The platform is compatible with many leading CRM solutions and integration tools, such as Zapier, or can simply populate a Google sheet. This ensures that the information you receive is available to anyone who needs it, including your Sales and Marketing departments.

Adding Value with Personalized Reports

After submitting answers, end users will receive a link to download their personalized PDF report. Dynamic Consulting offers the flexibility to use template designs, including logos, icons, and creative widgets, to make the report more appealing while staying on-brand.

We work with clients to build tailored, helpful feedback for the respondent. These reports are fully tailored to their responses, making them a valuable tool for creating high-value interactions with prospects.

These reviews can serve a couple of different purposes. Used internally, they can help confront security gaps by collecting self-assessments from end users and department heads to understand the overall risk profile. Used externally (such as on a client’s website), companies add value by allowing site visitors to assess their risk level while generating leads for sales and marketing departments to act on.

Personalized assessments are a win-win for everyone involved. Our clients can provide valuable insights to their customers and, when relevant, can even monetize their assessments for products or service offerings. Our clients also grow their lead pool with real-time, high-quality data from these surveys. All of this is done with a high level of customization and control.

Generating Leads

The next task is to reach your audience to entice them to complete the assessment and show them how they could benefit from it. Invitations can be sent out to specific end users, or you can post a link (for example, on your website or social media) for users to enter at their discretion. At Bora, we use a variety of methods, from social media posts and blogs to video content, paid ads and email marketing. This is why the quality and usefulness of the report is so critical. When asking people to spend their time with you, it must be rewarded; a personalized report is a great way to do this.

Take the Next Step to Engage Your Prospects

We have created a wide variety of assessments, including:

  • A multiple-choice questionnaire for overall cyber security status generates a tailored report with guidance on steps to protect the organization better.
  • A PCI-DSS 4.0 self-assessment for adherence and risk evaluation, helping organizations meet GRC and legal requirements.
  • A Secure File Transfer (SFTP) self-assessment to better understand an organization’s risk posture based on file transfer behavior and security requirements.

If you want to learn more about Pointerpro directly, you can head to their website or talk to us about Dynamic Consulting and how it can help you drive engagement in your next cybersecurity marketing campaign.

Creating Meaningful Interaction: Dynamic Consulting
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