Building backlinks to improve ranking

Link-building campaigns play a crucial role in boosting a company’s SEO. They are essential for improving the ranking of websites and webpages, and enhancing page and domain rating (DR).

Task: to improve the domain and page ratings of the Bora website by building backlinks.

  • Bora DR in March 2020 = 15
  • Link-building campaign implemented over 3.5 years.
  • Bora DR September 2023 = 40
  • Improvement of 167%


Backlinks help to improve page and domain ratings and should be naturally placed into high-quality, useful content that web admins and editors will want to publish. Quality links become a source of website traffic, but link building takes time and effort to deliver results, is a long-term investment, and there is no magic formula.


As a small company, Bora’s domain rating was expectantly low (15), and we were determined to improve our ranking over time. We needed to increase our number of good backlinks to improve website authority and increase the value of our digital assets. We know that a website with good backlinks is rewarded with better search engine rankings and free* organic traffic. This project requires commitment, as it takes a team of dedicated people to work on this over a long period consistently, but once in motion, the results are clear.

*Stay tuned to our blog! There may be changes ahead with the onset of AI.


Our solution was to use these steps consistently whenever and wherever we could companywide:

  • Find competitor backlinks using tools like Ahrefs or Moz to analyze backlink profiles. These tools show you which websites link to your competitors, how often, and even the anchor text they use. We do this to get a good idea of the websites interested in our niche, and the type of content they’re looking for.
  • Produce relevant and valuable content creation that is engaging for our target audience and the websites we wish to obtain backlinks from. It’s crucial to provide something worth linking to, like a comprehensive guide, a captivating case study, an eye-catching infographic, an informative video, or a useful tool. Additionally, we optimize our content for keywords, readability, and user intent. By doing so, we ensure that our content not only attracts attention but also provides real value to our readers and encourages them to share it with others.
  • We build relationships by connecting with those websites we’ve identified as potential link partners. It’s important to approach this in a friendly and professional manner. When we reach out via email, we are sure to introduce ourselves and explain what our content is all about. We show our prospective clients why it’s relevant and valuable for their audience and how it can benefit them, including a clear call to action and a link to our content.
  • Guest posting is a great way to boost your website’s visibility and connect with other websites in your field. It’s super simple! We write awesome articles for other websites and include links to our own site in the author bio, or within the content. To get started, we found websites that welcome guest posts, make sure to follow their guidelines, and create top-notch content that matches their style and tone. This not only helps build valuable backlinks but also fosters relationships with other website owners.
  • Using social media boosts our content and helps generate those valuable backlinks. We share content on platforms like LinkedIn, X (formally known as Twitter), and Facebook, creating eye-catching headlines, using captivating images, and throwing in some trendy hashtags to grab people’s attention and get them engaged. We always interact with our followers, reply to their comments, and join groups or communities that are relevant to our niche. Building connections and being active on social media definitely helps out!
  • Tracking backlink performance is extremely important; how much traffic, clicks, and conversions they’re bringing to our website. We also check if our backlinks are of good quality and relevance, such as, considering the domain authority, anchor text, and context. If we come across any low-quality or spammy backlinks that could potentially harm our reputation or rankings, we remove or disavow them.


Boosting our domain rating came with a bunch of awesome perks. These included:

  • Enhanced SEO: Increasing our domain rating gave our website’s SEO a solid boost.
  • Increased traffic: A higher domain rating means more people will be directed to our website, resulting in increased traffic.
  • Greater domain authority: Elevating our domain rating has enhanced the authority of our website exponentially, as measured by Ahref’s Ranking (AR) which compares the strength of your backlink profile compared to the other websites in their database.


As seen by the images below, over the period that we have been consciously working on building backlinks to improve ranking, our domain rating has increased from 15 to 40. That’s an improvement of 48% every 12 months!

Building backlinks to improve ranking
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