Case Study

Building backlinks to improve ranking

Link-building campaigns play a crucial role in boosting a company’s SEO. They are essential for improving the ranking of websites and webpages, and enhancing page and domain rating (DR). Task: to improve the domain and page ratings of the Bora website by building backlinks. Bora DR in March 2020 = 15

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Creating a Guide to Cyber Security Culture

Bora Helps Cygenta Raise Awareness on Transforming Cyber Security Culture and Managing Human Risk Cygenta, a long-term client, asked Bora to help them create a Guide to Cyber Security Culture. The purpose of the Guide would be to: Define the fundamentals of security culture. Highlight the importance of the human element

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Content Creation

A long-term client asked Bora to help them create a Survival Guide eBook that would: Bring clarity to the cybersecurity space Arm CISOs with actionable information Provide insights into four key emerging trends: Identity, Data, Infrastructure/Cloud, and Code. Introduction Our client is a global leader in enterprise technology. They manufacture and

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Pillar Pages & Search Engine Optimization

A long-term client reached out to Bora with a request to: Create a one-stop shop for each of the three main areas of business Streamline their website Optimize the existing content Bora successfully addressed these issues by creating authority pages, managing SEO optimization, and streamlining blog uploads.  Introduction Itegriti is an

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Social Media Marketing

Bora was tasked with elevating Venafi’s social media presence by meeting the following goals: Exceed closest competitors’ LinkedIn followers by the end of 2021 – Venafi was 4200 LinkedIn followers behind their largest competitor Grow Venafi’s total social media audience to 30k followers Increase social media engagement by 3% Introduction Venafi,

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Customer Advocacy Solutions

Online reviews help businesses to build their reputation. That’s where a customer advocacy program like ours fits in. Collecting and listening to feedback from customers is a valuable asset that can: Provide all-critical visibility for products Be leveraged into content, product improvements, and developments. Influence customer decisions by providing advice to

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