Creating a Guide to Cyber Security Culture

Executive Summary

Bora Helps Cygenta Raise Awareness on Transforming Cyber Security Culture and Managing Human Risk

Cygenta, a long-term client, asked Bora to help them create a Guide to Cyber Security Culture. The purpose of the Guide would be to:

  • Define the fundamentals of security culture.
  • Highlight the importance of the human element in cyber security.
  • Provide advice on how to change an organisation’s security culture.
  • Discuss the metrics to use to track and measure culture.


Cygenta was founded in 2017 by the husband-and-wife team Dr. Jessica Barker and FC, who were frustrated with the narrow-minded approach that cyber security is often treated as a series of single problems delivered as a series of single initiatives. The team at Cygenta believes that the best, sustainable defence against threats is to consider all aspects of security risk – technical, human, and physical.

Bora and Cygenta are long-time collaborators, with Bora planning and executing various content marketing projects to promote Cygenta’s work and increase its customer base.


Dr. Jessica Barker helps organisations understand and measure their cyber security culture with assessments that include surveys and focus groups. She keynotes several cyber security conferences, discussing the need for public and private organisations to empower their employees with cyber security. These keynotes provide insights into the crucial role humans play in securing an organisation’s assets, and impactful advice on how these institutions could transform their security culture into a positive, empathetic, and engaging one.

Dr. Barker and Cygenta realised that these assessments and keynotes were a treasure trove that required to be discovered by everyone – not only the ones attending conferences. Therefore, Cygenta approached Bora to help them create an actionable, concise, and insightful guide to cyber security culture, aggregating all these notes into a single document.


Following an initial call where Dr. Jessica Barker explained her goal and shared all her notes, the Bora team implemented the following strategy:

  • Created and launched a pre-landing page, asking visitors to insert their email to get an exclusive copy of the guide as soon as it was ready.
  • Drafted a full copy of Cygenta’s Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Culture, which was approved in only two rounds of edits.
  • Developed the final copy of the Guide with modern graphic designs to make it easy to read on any device or online.
  • Launched the Guide’s landing page, where visitors could download or read it online.
  • Developed the social media copy for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to help Cygenta promote the Guide.


Outsourcing the creation of the Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Culture was the easiest and most effective way for Cygenta to enjoy the benefits without having to do all the work. Bora saved them time and resources while providing top-quality expert content that matched Cygenta’s high standards.

By trusting our expertise, Cygenta developed a guide demonstrating Dr. Jessica Barker’s expertise from having helped hundreds of clients. The Guide comes packed with valuable insights and actionable advice to help organisations in all sectors understand their cyber security culture and influence a positive security

Key Benefits
- Ease and effectiveness
- Save time and resources
- Top-quality expert content demonstrating Cygenta’s expertise


The content marketing strategy created significant outcomes for Cygenta, further establishing the brand as an authority in the human risk and security culture sector.

To get the industry excited, we created an initial landing page for individuals to sign up to get the guide as soon as it was published. This was then supported by social media promotion, which helped drive an incredible 155 sign-ups immediately.

The primary methods for promotion were leveraging Jessica Barker’s social media using both video and text and implementing a pop-up on the site for visitors to download their copy. As a result, once the Guide was published in mid-June 2023, a staggering further 100 individuals requested a copy of the Cyber Security Culture Guide on publication.

People have continued to seek the expertise of the guide and sign up to download it, which has now increased the Cygenta mailing list audience by over one-third.

Healthcare companies, Universities, and Government agencies mostly welcomed the Guide. Among the people getting access to the Guide were also individuals from Fortune 1000 companies, indicating that human risk management and security culture is a top priority for many organisations and that Cygenta is an established and respected authority.

Cygenta are delighted with our partnership, with Dr Jessica Barker commenting:

“Working with Bora is a pleasure. They understand the cyber security industry and align with our passion for sharing expertise and value with the community. I had the idea of the Guide in my mind for years, but could never dedicate the time to making it happen. I set Bora a difficult challenge – I had lots of notes and high standards – and they exceeded my high expectations. I’ve heard from many security leaders and security awareness professionals who have benefitted from the resource we have provided with the Guide. I’m so happy that we partnered with Bora on this project.”

About Cygenta

Cygenta believes that the best, sustainable defence against threats must consider all aspects of security risk. With more than 30 years of combined experience across a wide field of sectors, Cygenta’s co-founders are driven by securing the success of more than 200 clients. Cygenta’s approach to cyber security is more than just penetration testing or awareness training. They are experts in combining the technical, human, and physical aspects of security best practice. Cygenta helps some of the largest and most complicated organisations build resilience and sustainability in their risk management, not just their technical response.

About Bora

Bora was born out of the desire to make content marketing for cybersecurity companies as simple and successful as possible. We work as a bolt-on team to your marketing department, helping you improve your content marketing output and building on your success with less stress. At Bora, we take on your responsibilities and make them ours. We work with major brands in the cybersecurity industry to deliver what we promise: growth and high-quality sales leads.

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Creating a Guide to Cyber Security Culture
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