Employee Advocacy

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy is the technique of empowering and encouraging employees to actively promote their organization’s brand, products, or services through their personal and professional networks. It maximizes the idea that potential buyers typically view employees as trusted sources of information, and can significantly impact the perception and reach of a company. Companies tap into their networks, credibility, and expertise by engaging employees as brand ambassadors to expand their reach and influence.

Types of Employee Advocacy

There are different employee advocacy programs, each with unique characteristics and benefits. Some common types include:

  • Social Media Advocacy – This form involves employees sharing company content, news, and updates on their social media profiles. By leveraging their connections, employees can help amplify the brand’s message and increase its visibility.
  • Content Creation – In this type of advocacy, employees contribute to content creation efforts by sharing their expertise through blog posts, videos, or other media, showcasing their knowledge, and positioning the company as a thought-leader in the industry.
  • Review and Testimonial Advocacy – Employees can act as brand advocates by providing positive reviews and testimonials about the company’s products or services, helping to build trust and credibility among potential customers.
  • Events and Speaking Engagements – Organizations can encourage employees to represent the company at industry events, conferences, or speaking engagements. These activities enhance the company’s visibility and positions employees as experts in their field.

Employee Advocacy Framework

Implementing a successful employee advocacy program requires a well-defined framework. Here are some key steps to consider:

  • Leadership Buy-In – To ensure the success of an employee advocacy program, it is crucial to gain support and buy-in from senior leaders. They should understand the value of employee advocacy and actively champion it within the organization.
  • Clear Guidelines – Establishing clear guidelines and policies regarding employee advocacy is essential. Define what is acceptable regarding content sharing, engagement, and online behavior. Provide employees with training and resources to navigate social media platforms effectively.
  • Employee Engagement – Actively engage employees in the program by explaining its benefits and goals. Encourage them to share their ideas and experiences, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in representing the company.
  • Technology and Tools – Utilize employee advocacy platforms and tools to streamline the process, track metrics, and provide content suggestions. These tools can simplify content sharing, amplify reach, and measure the impact of employee advocacy efforts.
  • Incentives and Recognition – Recognize and reward employees for their advocacy efforts, including public acknowledgment, or even financial incentives. Gamification elements can also be used to encourage healthy competition, boosting participation and driving results.

The Future of Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy will likely continue evolving and expanding its influence. Influencer marketing, for example, has risen to prominence in recent years. Employees with a substantial following or expertise in a specific domain can become key opinion leaders, driving brand advocacy both internally and externally.

Similarly, employee wellness advocacy is fast becoming a popular marketing tool. Companies that prioritize their staff’s mental and physical health, offer flexibility, and foster a positive work environment are more likely to have enthusiastic advocates.

Finally, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a role in employee advocacy in the future. AI-powered tools can assist in curating personalized content for employees, suggest optimal times for sharing, and even identifying influential employees.

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Employee Advocacy
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