Build Brand Awareness with Content Marketing

Creating brand awareness can be achieved through both traditional and digital marketing. Brand awareness in traditional marketing can be created through TV ads, billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, etc. In the digital world, brand awareness can be generated through social media, content marketing, SEO, and online advertising. In this blog, I will discuss how you can generate brand awareness using content marketing.

Investopedia defines brand awareness as ‘a marketing term for the degree to which consumers recognize a product by its name’. To put it simply, you won’t generate any sales if your target audience doesn’t know you exist.

Creating brand awareness enables potential customers to immediately recognize your brand. While it is important that your brand name is recognized, the important thing is for your audience to have a high opinion of your brand. For example, Apple is seen by many as being innovative and superior to its competitors.

Creating brand awareness can be challenging in today’s highly competitive digital environment. With customers’ attention span decreasing, it is imperative you stand out from your competition and deliver content to your ideal audience that provides them with value.

Create Brand Awareness with Content Marketing

In today’s hyper-digitized world, customers have the luxury of choosing where they want to buy their products and services from. The brands that create the most value for their customers ultimately win. The question now arises, how can you articulate the value you offer?

The answer is simple, through engaging content marketing. Creating value in your content marketing communications is key to establishing your brand as a thought leader. In order to become firmly established as a thought leader, you first need to show your ideal audience that you exist.

By creating valuable content consistently, your website will show up in SERPs when a potential customer searches for products/services in your industry. For example, if you publish three blog posts per week, educating prospects on various issues relevant to them, there is a strong possibility that your website will show up when the prospect searches for terms that you have written about. When creating content, it is advisable to keep the following seven tips in mind…

7 Content Marketing Tips to Leverage

1. Create Value – Creating content that solves the need of a potential customer or educates them is key to your content being viewed, appreciated, and shared. Ensure all your content marketing communications have value that benefits the reader, this will enhance your brand image and your brand will be seen as an authority in your industry if executed consistently in the longer term.

2. Use engaging copy – There’s nothing worse than writing content that is dull and mundane. So, ensure your copy is highly engaging and resonates with your audience.

3. Know your audience – It is essential to understand your customers, their pain points, wants, needs, challenges, goals, values, etc. Create different customer avatars for each customer type. For example, a company in the cybersecurity industry may offer products and services for both B2B and B2C customers, so their customer avatars would be:

    • The home user: Wants to keep his/her computer safe using anti-virus, malware, and firewall protection
    • Small business owner: Wants to keep his business safe using email security
    • Senior managers: Wants to firmly protect their organization from external threats arising from cyber threats, so they would want sophisticated protection that goes above and beyond what standard software offers, such as protecting machine identities.

4. Use relevant keywords – Use keywords that gain traction and are relevant to your organization, products, and services. This will increase the likelihood of your content showing up on search engines.

5. Diversify your content – When thinking of content marketing, most people think of blog posts. While blog posts are a great way to educate prospects, it is recommended to supplement blogs with other pieces of content. You can create podcasts, eBooks, white papers, newsletters etc. This will ensure your content marketing is more diversified and not one-dimensional.

6. Consistency – Ensure you are consistent with your content creation. Creating content consistently on various topics that are relevant to your brand’s products/services is essential for effective content marketing.

7. Patience – Understanding the process of content marketing is important if you want to succeed in creating brand awareness with content marketing. Brand awareness will be generated, but it will take time. So be patient, and you will see the fruits of your investment.

Building, maintaining, and increasing brand awareness can be achieved through content marketing. Remember to be patient and apply the above tips to your content marketing strategy. It is recommended to also promote the content you create on organic social media and amplify your reach through paid social media channels. This will enable you to substantially increase brand awareness.

If you would like to take your content marketing to the next level, contact me or one of the Bora team to elevate your marketing.

Build Brand Awareness with Content Marketing
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